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The Manufacturing Process


We create design with reference given by the client as per market they are targeting. We have a special team of Manual and CorelDraw designers who create extraordinary concepts for US., UK, UAE, Japan and Domestic Market.

Whether you have precise scale jewelry designs or simple rough sketches we can bring your idea or design to a reality. We help you merchandise your sample line for different export and Indian jewelry market.


Using sophisticated CAD design software, we first create a precise 3D model of the custom designed jewelry piece. These models are used to create realistic renderings of the piece, allowing you to verify the design's accuracy with confidence.

During every stage of the manufacturing process, from the original concept to completion, one of our exceptional designers will be there to answer your questions and make sure every detail is perfect.


RP means "rapid prototyping". Rapid prototyping is the best method of creating accurate jewelry models directly from your 3D cad data or we will create the jewelry cad design data for you.

By using this technology for making jewelry design, and other highly detailed wax models we can deliver fast, precise and cost effective RP models of any type. A liquid mold must be made of each model.


A commercial wax injector is then used to pressure-inject hot wax (175°F/79°C) into the liquid mould cavity to create wax models for casting. If the mould was cut well, the wax will fill into every last detail, and the finished waxes will be able to be removed without distortion. The surface of each wax is cleaned in preparation for casting.

We also design wax models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra fine attention to detail and intricate features.


Once the wax or resin model is created, Although the process of melting metal, filling the flask, and waiting for it to solidify may sound complicated, it takes minutes to complete. The result: A cast tree that looks exactly like the wax sprue tree at the beginning of the process, only now it’s made of gold. it is cast into a silver master model, from which all subsequent pieces will be produced.


The polisher starts by grinding off this nub. He then proceeds to finish the piece with a variety of techniques. He may begin by sanding the piece with successively finer grits of abrasive paper to smooth the initial as-cast surface.

A motorized polishing machine is then employed to bring the piece to a final polish. Using a variety of polishing compounds, the polisher holds the masters alongside a spinning polishing wheel or buff, which abrades the piece and smoothes the surface, resulting in a bright, shiny finish. Consider the silver master model the “mother” piece: it will be the source for rubber mould and return order cycle.

The Rubber Vulcanized moulds  are used to produce wax replicas of your model.

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