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Freehand Jewelry Design
Jewelry Design as a career option offers infinite career opportunities to those who have creative bent of mind.The modern period in the Jewelry industry has transformed this conventional form of art into a highly commercial field. With over 10 years of experience in jewelry design training jewelry hopeline have gained the excellence in art of teaching key jewelry concepts clearly.We have developed this program for the beginner to provide a thorough knowledge in innovative jewelry design concepts, diamond breakup , settings, styles and much more making each our student eligible to work as an successful jewelry professional.
Program Highlights
  • Geometry of Designs, forms and texture
  • Classification of Gemstones, Pearls and Metals 
  • Rendering : Gemstones, Metal & Jewelry
  • All types of Diamond settings
  • All Jewelry styles and categories
  • Tracing techniques
  • Diamond carat weight breakup calculation
  • Visual studies : Exploration of Concepts and forms
  • Modifications of designs, Jewelry product research
  • Final Design project : A portfolio of designs,inspirations and techniques
Career Options
Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Merchandisre, Product Development
Certification Earned
Freehand Jewelry Designing .
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