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CorelDraw Jewellery Desigining
Computer graphics allow greater ease and flexibility in exploring a number of design alternatives, thus reducing time and increasing the accuracy while designing. This course will be additional qualification for existing free hand jewelry designer or a solid base before starting with cad designing .
Program Highlights
  • 2D Computer Generated JEWELLERY DESIGNING using CorelDRAW .
  • Our 2D jewellery design course will teach you the following - ~An introduction to the Corel Draw software used for Jewelery designing. ~Mastering the tools of the Coreldraw software. 
  • Students are taught all the tools of CorelDraw related to Jewelry Designing from the basics .
  • ~Rendering different materials like silver, gold, coloured stones, precious gems etc. ~2D, jewelry, , design, programs Designing 2D bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings. ~
  • Creating your own portfolio of jewellery designs. 
  • Mentioned above are the technical aspects of Jewellery Designing, the aesthetic aspects are introduced and fine tuned with every exercise the student does.
  • Research for inspiration and converting inspiration to original ideas is the key to a successful jewellry design career and is emphasized at all stages.
  • This course begins from starting the CorelDraw Program and covers its powerful features used to create professional graphics.
  • How to add basic drawing elements, and create different diamonds and precious stones, how to modify those elements and then edit and colour are covered in the exercises.
  • You are then taken through some of the special effects that can be applied to them.
  • The creative aspect of making bangles, rings, jewellery sets and other professional artwork is also covered. 
Career Options
Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Merchandisre, Product Development
Certification Earned
CorelDraw Jewelry Designing
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