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CAD Jewelry Design
The Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is it getting more and more popular, as it is a perfect tool for turning the most complex designs into a simpler and faster task to achieve. We train you to pre-calculate dimensions and have design cad model generated right before your eyes. You learn how programme specifications can create custom designs in less time than you ever thought possible. Our highly qualified and experienced faculties does it all for you – allowing you to spend more time creating design model not only with correct specifications but also with a desired aesthetic.
Program Highlights
  • Introduction to CAD software.
  • Overview of MenuBar, Drawing Toolbox
  • Rendering : Gemstones. Gold Shading
  • Tracing Freehand Jewelry
  • Short Keys for Designer tools.
  • All Jewelry styles and categories.
  • Diamonds measurements and technical norms
  • All types of Diamond settings
  • Applied perspective for ring shanks and other products
  • 2D Jewelry Design of Pendants, Rings, Earrings & Necklaces.
  • Presentation & Framing of Design Layouts with Diamond break up.
  • Final Design Project : Presentation of Student’s Design developed while training.
Career Options
Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Merchandisre, Product Development
Certification Earned
CAD Jewelry Design Certificate
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