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Advanced Jewelry Design

Every jewelry master piece is first imagined by a visualizer who then converts the idea to paper then to metal and stone. That visualizer is a designer. Designers can develop entire line of jewelry for manufacturing houses or customized pieces for themselves or their clientele. Our advanced course curriculum is a complete program with intense jewelry designing including technical sketching ,graphical jewelry designing, international jewelry markets, latest trends and more.This course widens the scope for jewelry buyers, jewelry designer, jewelry business executives, store owners, sales professional, merchandising and product development.
Program Highlights

  • Convert Hand Drawings to 3D CAD.
  • Rendering - Gemstones, Metal and Jewelry
  • Calculate Volume & weight of final products.
  • Scale and Measurements for exact dimension.
  • All Jewelry Styles and Categories.
  • All types of Diamond settings
  • Diamonds Carat Weight Breakup calculation
  • Scooping, linking etc
  • Import & Export creating JPEG
  • Domestic & International Standards as per markets.
  • Create final STL files.
  • Final Design Project : A portfolio of designs developed by student.
Career Options
Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Merchandiser
Freehand Jewelry Designing, CADl Jewelry Designing.
Certification Earned
Advanced Jewelry Designing.
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